Symantec launches the sixth installment of Norton 360 security suite. The program allows you to use the Internet safely, including e-mail, electronic banking and social-networking sites. It also provides protection for sensitive data and tools for optimizing PC performance. It is a quick and easy-to-use application.

The software provides comprehensive protection against viruses, network attacks, data loss, and many other Internet threats. With built-in tools, it can also streamline and speed up PC performance. Faster and easier to use, compared to version 5.0, automatic online backup prevents loss of important files. Access to parental Norton Online Family allows secure Internet use for children.

Norton 360 version 6.0 includes Norton Identity Safe, which protects, stores and automatically enters the user names and passwords on web pages, providing protection against online threats. The package is also available as an innovative Norton Management Console, which provides advanced features (using cloud technology), remote management of Norton products at your home or office. Bandwidth Management module reduces download Norton updates, so that when you use the network at which you pay for the amount taken and sent data, it doesn’t expose you to high bills. Symantec also introduced enhanced features for backup, and advanced parental controls, enabling smarter protection for children.

Norton 360 version 6.0 in a single license can be installed on three PCs. The price includes a license for three PCs, one-year subscription, security updates, developed by Symantec, and access to best-in-class support.

Includes PC tuneup – frees up memory so applications start up and run faster, and removes unnecessary files to improve hard drive performance.

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